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Brest City Park is an urban public park in Brest, Belarus. The Russian soldiers of Libava Regiment, who were stationed in this part of Brest-Litovsk, laid out the park in 1906. Initially it covered 4 ha. Today, at over 20 ha, it is the largest public park in the city. The park features dozens of tree species rare in this part of Europe, such as platanus, tamarisk, elm, and serpentine spruce (Picea Abies “Virgata”). LOCATION: Lienina St., 2/1, Brest, Belarus

Brest Park of Culture and Rest has transformed in recent years-more beautiful, new rides, flower beds. In summer, it gives a pleasant coolness in the shade of alleys, in winter you can skate on one of the Lakes. There is also the famous Tavern “u ozera”, which offers dishes of national cuisine. There is a coffee shop “rosynka”-option is easier, but also very good-there’s always fresh beer and delicious pizza. Address: vulica Lienina 3, Brest,Belarus, Call: +375 162 53-75-94